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support for long-term recovery

People Living in Recovery is a Recovery Community Organization (RCO). In addition to being Certified Addiction Recovery Empowerment Specialists (CARES), certified through the Georgia Council on Substance Abuse, staff also have lived experience with substance use disorders, homelessness, mental health challenges and/or incarceration. This dynamic affords staff the ability to establish empathetic and effective relationships with those seeking services (i.e. peers), and provide wrap-around support (before, during, and after treatment) to those pursuing long-term recovery. 

support services in the office

Support services in the office: 

  • Al-Anon Support Groups

  • Clothing Assistance

  • Community Outreach Events & Activities

  • Food Pantry

  • Group-Based Recovery Meetings

  • Individual Recovery Check-Ins

  • Job Placement & Readiness Assistance

  • Advocacy Assistance

  • Housing Assistance

  • Recovery Program Admission Fee Assistance 

  • Re-Entry Support Groups

  • Self-Advocacy Training

  • Thinking For Good (a CCI based group) 

  • Transportation Assistance (bus vouchers) 

  • Trauma Group Meetings

  • Vital Records Assistance

Support Services for Peope Living in Recovery
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