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PLR Staff Team

Shane Sims

Executive Director


Timothy Clarke

Peer Outreach Coordinator


Wanda Anglin

Peer Recovery Coach

Peer Recovery Coach

PLR staff are peer support workers who have been successful in the recovery process and help others experiencing similar situations. Through shared understanding, respect, and mutual empowerment, PLR staff help people become and stay engaged in the recovery process, which reduces the likelihood of relapse. PLR's peer support services can effectively extend the reach of treatment beyond the clinical setting into the everyday environment of those seeking a successful, sustained recovery process.
All of PLR's peer support workers have completed intensive training in becoming Certified Addiction Recovery Empowerment Specialists (CARES).
As CARES, PLR staff are able to:
  • Advocate for recovery for themselves, the peers with whom they work, their recovery community, and for a Recovery Oriented System of Care.
  • Run recovery groups using “Partners for Change Outcome Management System”, an evidence-based practice found on the SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence Based Practices and Programs (NREPP).
  • Conduct individual recovery check-ins by supporting peers in self-directed care and assessing a peer’s ‘recovery capital’ using Motivational Interviewing (also on NREPP) skills to enhance the relationship.
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